Invest in Loans Secured by
Income-Producing Properties

  • Short duration, fixed income investments (typically 1-3 years)
  • Monthly or quarterly income distributions
  • Direct access to loans secured by a first lien against income-producing commercial real estate
  • Diverse income-producing property types – nationwide
  • Build your own portfolio or invest in a professionally-managed fund (must register to learn more, accredited investors only, minimum investment $50,000)

Strong Risk-Adjusted Returns Secured
Loans Collateralized by Commercial Real Estate

  • Superior risk-adjusted returns to those offered by traditional investment vehicles
  • Whether you’re seeking to maximize yield or to match the duration of a liability, we originate loans that can satisfy your investment objectives
  • Investments secured by loans on income-producing commercial real estate
  • Direct access to loans = lower cost and higher returns

Detailed Underwriting
"We do the hard work... You get the best deals"

  • Every loan request is carefully underwritten and rated by our team of experienced commercial real estate professionals
  • Our process is so selective that less than 5% of loan applications we receive end up being accepted onto the platform
  • Loans are assigned an appropriate interest rate and proprietary risk rating based on borrower and property characteristics and other deal-specific circumstances
  • Transparency – you can see what we see with secure access to our deal room

Loan Fractionalization
Crowdfunding Commercial
Real Estate Loans

  • Commercial real estate loans are inherently large - loan fractionalization facilitates lower investment minimums, enabling smaller investors to participate in larger loans
  • Fund a whole loan, participate with other investors in a fractional portion of a loan (crowdfunding), or achieve diversification and simplicity by investing through an internally-managed fund (must register to learn more)

Secured Fixed Income
Investment Opportunities

Accredited investors only, minimum investment $50,000

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