As Credit Cycle Turns, Ask For More Asset Manager Scrutiny of Investment Risk


  As stewards of investors’ capital, asset managers must walk a fine line to achieve attractive returns while also ensuring reasonable risk management. With the market moving to a more uncertain economic environment, investors are prudent to look into how asset managers are upholding their fiduciary duties. Many signs point to an imminent turn inRead More

BankThink Nonbanks need to get serious about self-regulation


Regulation is a double-edged sword. It can restrict innovation in one sector, and spur innovation in another. Likewise, it can reduce risk in one industry and increase risk in another. Regulations imposed without the input and cooperation of the companies affected most by the new rules are likely to cause more harm than good. ThisRead More

Bridge Lenders Try to Balance Strong Demand with Risk Awareness


Evan Gentry, founder and CEO of Money360, believes 2019 will be the year the California bridge lender hits $1 billion annually in loan volume. Money360, which launched in 2014, has been doubling or tripling in size annually despite the entrance of Wall Street hedge funds into the bridge lending space, Gentry says. “There’s a lotRead More

Money360 Closes $1 Billion in Commercial Real Estate Loans Given Strong Demand for Tailored Financing Solutions


LADERA RANCH, Calif., Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Money360, a technology-enabled direct lender specializing in commercial real estate (CRE) loans, today announced it has surpassed $1 billion in loans originated and closed since inception. The announcement comes just 11 months after the company announced it had surpassed $500 million, signaling unprecedented growth for theRead More

Deal Volumes Soar for Non-Bank Lending Outfits


Deal volumes are climbing quickly for non-bank and alternative lending sources, thanks to tightening credit standards of banks and the CMBS market. Money360 has recently achieved $1 billion in loans closed since its launch in 2014. The firm expects to achieve $2 billion in loans close—adding an additional $1 billion—next year, illustrating the increasing demandRead More

Capital Acquisition In 2019 to Continue Unabated For Investors


According to a survey of 200 investors and investment managers conducted by tech-enabled commercial real estate lender Money360 earlier this year, equity market volatility, rising interest rates, credit spread compression and other factors were sending them toward the relative stability of physical assets like real. But as many estimates indicate an economic correction or evenRead More

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