Supply Shortage Will Offset Interest Rate Increases


Investment volumes have held strong this year, but rising interest rates could be the road block ahead. The Fed has increased short-term rates several times this year, and the industry consensus is that rates will rise again in December and through 2019. While interest rates could mean slower investment activity—and therefore lower investment volumes onRead More

Money360 Launches “My360” to Enhance Broker/Borrower Experience


LADERA RANCH, Calif., Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Money360 today announced the launch of My360, an interactive client portal designed to enhance the ease and transparency of the commercial real estate lending process. My360 provides clients with the ability to track the status of their loan as it progresses, securely upload critical documents andRead More

Bridge Lenders Flood Capital Markets


The bridge lending space has exploded, Gary Bechtel, president of Money360, said on the Debt and Equity Financing: The Issues Affecting Deal Flow panel at RealShare Apartments this week. He estimated that there are 130 to 150 bridge lenders in the space, serving a wide range of spreads and deals. Gary Tenzer, co-founding principal atRead More

Navigating the Packed Alternative Lending Environment


With an avalanche of alternative debt providers impacting the commercial real estate landscape, there are a few things that borrowers focused on long-term growth should consider. One would be the experience of the lender, and another would be the underwriting process. The latter is also a factor affecting market stability. “New entrants in this spaceRead More

With Stocks and Real Estate at All-Time Highs, Where Is the Best Investment?


As interest rates rise, the dollar strengthens, trade wars mount and heightened volatility across markets persists, institutional investors are adjusting their risk profiles and shifting dramatically toward debt investments. As part of this shift, investors are now piling capital into private debt in an attempt to protect themselves from an expected market correction while stillRead More

Alternative Lenders Only Growing in Popularity


A need for flexibility and speed has given rise to alternative lending sources, and new lenders are entering the market. A need for flexibility and speed has given rise to alternative lending sources in commercial real estate. The demand isn’t waning, and it is driving new lending sources to enter the market. In fact, alternativeRead More

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