SAN DIEGO—There is a lot of uncertainty on the horizon this year. From regulatory changes to rising interest rates, there are a handful of changes that could affect the commercial real estate sector. For marketplace lenders, like Money360, however, rising interest rates aren’t a major concern, especially for bridge loan products. Permanent loans may see more of an impact, but—even with some regulatory easing—leverage constraints from traditional lenders will continue to drive activity in the burgeoning marketplace lending space, according to Money360 president Gary Bechtel.

That is great news for marketplace lending, which has seen tremendous growth in the last several years. We sat down with Bechtel at the recent MBA CREF Multifamily Conference in San Diego to discuss the growing market and how some of these changes might impact the growth. Watch the full video interview to hear about Money360’s growth plans, how rising interest rates will impact the market, and how they are continuing to stay competitive as more new players enter field.

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